AROSupercut scissors are becoming the scissors of choice by many surgeons. They provide unmatched sharpness and are designed for a wide range of surgical procedures involving both tissue and cartilage. AROSurgical provides the most extensive selection, with over 100 different patterns to choose from. All scissors are of the highest quality German stainless steel with black chrome plated ring handles

The AROSupercut Gold are the definition of perfection in surgical scissors. The tungsten carbide inserts provide the sharpest, most durable cutting edge available. You will immediately feel the smooth precise cutting motion and the non-glare, non-reflective satin finish is also easy on your eyes. All tips are meticulously rounded  to an extra smooth surface. The gold handles represent the pinnacle of quality and workmanship that go into all AROSupercut Gold scissors.

Hundreds of surgeons already know our clamps are better.

" In conducting a study comparing used metal clamps and disposable clamps, we have concluded that repeated usage of certain microclamps result in a statistically significant increase in occlusive force, which may lead to microvascular injury and thrombosis, Our data supports the usage of disposable microclamps to optimize safety in small vessel (1mm) amastomosis"

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Bone Surgery
Micro Forceps
Bipolar Coagulation

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